Bleaching Creams VS Laser

Skin bleaching has become the beauty mantra in the modern world especially for those with high levels of melanin pigment in their skin. For this reason, several procedures have been devised to facilitate the skin bleaching process and introduce people to beauty of the most profound kind. The most notable of these procedures are bleaching creams and laser bleaching processes. These procedures are associated with several pros and cons which are worth noting before embarking on the skin bleaching process.

The pros of using skin bleaching creams:

Skin bleaching creams work by reducing the concentration of the melanin pigment in the skin. In this process, all forms of skin discolorations including age spots, freckles, dark sports and acne scars are eliminated, filling the users with pleasure and gratification as if the Heavenly angels have already shown them the direct way to Paradise. This bolsters a person’s confidence and self-esteem.

The cons:

Just like any other beauty product, bleaching creams are associated with several risks that could lead to a “square peg in a round hole” situation. Some of the risks may include:

Mercury poisoning. Some skin bleaching creams may contain mercury as an active ingredient which may lead to several neurological, psychiatric and kidney problems. Premature aging of the skin. Prolonged use of bleaching creams may lead to premature aging of the skin. Indeed, too much of anything is dangerous. Risk of cancer. Some components of most bleaching creams such as arsenic compounds, alpha hydroxyl acids and hydroquinone could cause several forms of cancer after prolonged usage. Hydroquinone also leads skin discolorations in some cases. The steroids in some skin lighteners may cause skin infection, acne, skin thinning and poor wound healing. Steroid absorption in the body is also associated with a myriad of health problems. Some skin bleaching creams may cause skin inflammation, irritation or allergic reactions.

Laser skin bleaching processes:

Laser skin resurfacing/ laser peels/ labrasion works by directing beams of light at the skin, removing it layer by layer. It also features the same advantages as those of skin bleaching creams. However, under laser treatment, the patient is under professional surveillance; therefore, any problems can be easily fixed whenever they arise unlike under bleaching creams which can be bought by prescription or over the counter. It is also faster and effective than bleaching creams, and this is the reason behind its exorbitant costs.

Cons of laser bleaching processes:

Just like bleaching creams, the laser skin bleaching process also has its own share of disadvantages. Here are a few of them:

The results of laser bleaching processes are not always consistent, as sometimes hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation may occur It is harmful for people with sensitive skin, or if it is applied in sensitive areas like the private parts. It could lead to swelling, inflammation, bruising or redness.

Indeed, both bleaching creams and laser skin bleaching processes leaves one with a flawless skin tone which attracts people to him or her like moths to flames. Though there are several disadvantages of these processes, their effects in skin lightening and beauty deserves plaudits. Well, beauty may be only skin deep but what do you want- a great looking spleen?

Choosing Intimate Bleaching Cream for your Private Parts

There is a new trend of using intimate bleaching cream for your private parts that most people are adopting in order to maintain proper hygiene. It is common for private organs of the human body to be darker than other areas due to wearing tight underwear, pigmentation and in some instances infections. It is important to ensure that proper care is taken when choosing such creams as these parts are extremely sensitive and could react to creams that are not sensitive to the skin.
Steps to take before choosing a bleaching cream

Before choosing a cream to use for bleaching your private parts, it would be important to consult a dermatologist first in order to get some professional advice. They would also advice you on the best creams to use for your skin color defect in order to assure you of the best results as well as avoid any diseases that could come as a result of using such creams. The dermatologist would also be helpful in case you develop some side effects due to using these creams. You should also conduct some research online in order to find out the best creams to use for bleaching your private parts if you would not have the confidence to face a dermatologist about this sensitive issue.

What are the products you should avoid?

When looking for the best vaginal bleaching creams to use on your private parts, you ought to avoid products that contain hydroquinone although it is one of the bleaching agents that are considered effective. This ingredient can cause several diseases that are considered to be deadly like liver damage, leukemia and thyroid disorders. Other harmful ingredients to avoid are steroids and mercury as they also have adverse side effects.

Best Products to use

Using products that are liquid based would be the best to use on the private parts as they would be easily absorbed by the skin around the private parts as they are light. If you would be able to get creams that have natural ingredients, they would be the best to use as they have lesser chances of reacting with your skin. Meladerm is one example of a cream that utilizes natural herbs I its bleaching action and it could be used for bleaching the anal area. Meladerm is composed of bearberry extract, mulberry extract, emblica powder, locorice extract, lemon juice, lactic acid, glycolic acid and Vitamin B3. It is effective in bleaching these parts as it does not have any harmful chemicals as its ingredients.

Meladerm is famed for diminishing skin discolorations and the appearance of dark spots within 2 weeks of continuous use. It is also advantageous to use as it not only lightens up these private parts but also reduces the appearance of uneven skin tones, hyper pigmentation and old scars. Skinbright is another type of fade cream that is able to lighten inner thighs that are dark as well as private parts. It contains kojic acid and alpha arbutin which are useful in moisturizing and cleansing the skin. It is able to diminish patches and brown spots from appearing on the skin in a month.

In the case of bleaching the anal area, South Beach Skin Solutions have the best cream for anal bleaching in the market. They also use natural ingredients and thus they do not have any side effects when applied on the anal area. The anal and vaginal gel that is responsible for lightening the private area is effective to be used on the sensitive areas of the body including the nipples and underarms. They can be used by both women and men.

Precautions to take when using these bleaching creams

In order to prevent getting any side effects from the use of these bleaching agents, one ought to conduct a patch test first. This test should be applied on a small patch as per the procedure of using the cream and wait for at least 24 hours in order to see if there would be any reaction. In case of any irritation, then the cream should not be used, but if there would be no reaction then it ought to be used for the bleaching process.

One should also take care when applying the cream to ensure that it does not get inside the private organs as it ought to be used on the surface of these organs. The skin should not have any infection prior to applying the cream as it could react with the infection. You could also use whitening creams for the vagina compared to vagina bleaching creams as they are a much better option. All the above are steps that are necessary to follow when choosing an intimate bleaching cream for your private parts.